Roleplaying and wargaming

Star Trek Roleplaying game by Coda

four about the last four years I've been GMing a Coda based Star Trek RPG. Decipher who produced the game ran into difficulties and the game system died or did it? The answer to that question is complicated. Coda still lives not just for Star Trek but also for the Lord of the Rings RPG. There is a bountiful source of material out there for those who are interested in either system. I myself was only interested in the Star Trek RPG.


I also wargame on a regular basis. Our gaming group has recently started playing warhammer 8th edition. I play Wood Elves and have found myself gaming with an army book which is now 2 editions out of date.


BTTF and other fan made amterils can be found here One way in which the Star Trek coda game was developed includes an e-zine which is onto its second volume.  

A selection of sources

A forum dedicated to all things Star Trek rpg related If you are interested in Star Trek or Lord of The Rings as an RPGer then this is a good place to start. There are other sites which I will post as soon as I get the links sorted.


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